Head shot of Anne Ruggles Gere

Anne Ruggles Gere

“So What’s Critical about a Reading-Writing Connection?”

Most of us say that reading and writing are integrally connected, but our teaching, research, and theories show mostly disconnects. This talk will look at some of the ways readers and writers develop as they move through high school and college in order to explore what it means to read and write, how pedagogical practices shape reading and writing, and how connections and disconnects work as well as what they do.

Anne Ruggles Gere is Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of English and Gertrude Buck Collegiate Professor of Education at the University of Michigan, where she is chair of the Joint PhD in English and Education. A former chair of CCCC, she has also served as a president of NCTE and was 2018 president of the MLA. Author of a dozen books and over 100 articles, she recently completed Developing Writers in Higher Education: A Longitudinal Study, and she is currently engaged in a project that integrates writing-to-learn pedagogies into large-enrollment gateway courses.